come for the guitars, stay for the stars!

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Rivera Fandango – 110W combo (EL34s) , 2x12 Celestions, palomino and beige coverings

Fender Twin Reverb - 85W 2x12 combo (6L6s)  – ‘65 Reissue – 2x12 Fender Eminence

Fender Roc Pro 1000 head - 100 watt hybrid (solid state power & preamp, tube for gain-stages distortion clipping)

Mather Twin extension cabinet – 2x12 cabinet with Weber Chicago speakers

Fender Bandmaster –45W head (6L6s) (1963), Fender 2x12 cabinet with SoundCity speakers (1965)

Fender Blues Deville 4x10 – 60W combo (6L6s) (1993) with original issue Jensen Blue Frames, with matching Mather 1x15 tweed cabinet, w/Weber 15 speaker

Fender Acoustasonic Junior – 60W stereo acoustic guitar amp, w/reverb & chorus, 2x10 speakers

SWR California Blonde – 100W acoustic guitar amp, 1x12 speaker, 1x6 horn

Fender Ultralight Acoustic 100, head plus matching stereo cabinet

Marshall JCM2000 TSL122 100W combo (EL34s) with 2x12 Celestions

Marshall TSLC212 extension cabinet with 2x12 Celestions, for TSL122

Marshall JCM900 100W Dual Reverb head (original EL34 tubes version)

Marshall 1960A  top cabinet, with 4x12 Celestions, fits full-size heads

Marshall MOSFET 100W head, all solid-state

Marshall 1966A top cabinet, with 4x10 Celestions, fits MOSFET head

Marshall 1936 cabinet, with 2x12 Celestions, fits full-size heads

VOX Valvetronix AD120VT - 120W stereo modeling amp combo (hybrid), 2x12 Jensen Bulldogs, with VC-12 foot controller

VOX 2x12 extension cabinet, Jensen Bulldogs

VOX Valvetronix AD120VTH – 120W stereo modeling amp head (hybrid), with VC-4 foot controller - amp not working for unknown reason

Ampeg R50H Reverberocket - 50W head (EL34s), 2x12 cabinet with Jensens, both in Ampeg blue check covering

Gallien Krueger 4x8 extension cabinet for GK 250ML and similar amps - Pyle speakers

Peavey Delta Blues 30W 1x15 combo (EL84s), black tolex, Blue Marvel speaker

Peavey EVH 5150 combo (6L6s) – 2x12 Eminence Legend 120s (new speakers in late 2016!)

Marshall Lead 12 Mini Stack, two 1x10 cabinets with Celestions

Marshall Lead 12 Mini Stack, two 1x10 cabinets with Celestions (head not working, likely bad pot)

Crate PowerBloc 100W micro-amp head - two of them!

Crate Taxi battery powered portable amp, 1x8 speaker, 1x2 piezo horn, yellow

Bugera T50 Infinium head, w/EL34s (can switch to 6L6s, Class A/Class AB, no adjustments needed)

Mather 2x12 cabinet, tan  Tolex, loaded with Webers