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[All with at least one quality case]

Heritage H150 Millennium Tobacco Quilted Maple, Heritage RPW Custom pickups

Heritage H140 Les Paul Vintage Flamed Maple Sunburst, Heritage Custom pickups

Gibson Les Paul Standard Raw Power Natural, rosewood board (2003), with EMG Zack Wylde pickups

Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, Red Flamed Maple hollowbody (1989) with Bigsby, original controls placement

Gibson ES335S Custom Firebrand (1982), Antique Mahogany solid body, original Dirty Fingers neck pickup, Seymour Duncan bridge pickup (with Dirty Fingers in case)

Gibson Flying V2, Natural Maple, rosewood board, (1981), original Boomerang pickups + extra set NOS Boomerangs!

Gibson RD Artist, Natural Flamed Maple, ebony board (1978), original pickups and Moog electronics all intact and working fine, custom switching, produced for Mike Elliott (late jazz player), hard case, flight case and gig bag

Parker Fly Mojo Mahogany, Parker composite board, Seymour Duncan pickups (pre-Fender)

Parker Fly Mojo Mahogany, Parker composite board, Dimarzio pickups (pre-Fender)

Gretsch 6-string hollowbody (1954), fair condition, neck reset, “in continual restoration”

Guild X150D Savoy, Natural Flamed/Quilted Maple, rosewood board, hollowbody w/TV Jones Filter ‘Trons, Bigsby

G&L Comanche, (USA) late 2000's, Antique Natural Flamed Maple, maple neck and fretboard, w/ Leo Fender ”Z” pickups

Fender Telecaster Custom (USA) (2000's), Fender Noiseless Pickups (Bill Lawrence design), natural with maple board, w/tortoise binding and pickguard

Fender Stratocaster Plus (1991), vintage sunburst, maple neck, recent Seymour Duncan Stacked Vintage single-coils

Rickenbacker 370-12 Mapleglow (2000's), rosewood board, 12 string, Hi-Gain pickups, stereo wired, LN

Carvin AE185 Flamed Koa, Carvin humbucker pickups and LR Baggs piezo, electric/acoustic, stereo wired

Steinberger Synapse SS-2F headless, Translucent Amber Maple, EMGs

Takamine 360N Nashville Special, Natural “Bear Claw” Spruce and Rosewood,  acoustic/electric, CoolTube preamp

Martin SPD16-TR, Natural Spruce and Rosewood, acoustic/electric 6-string, limited/Martin-signed label

Taylor 556CE 12-string, Natural Spruce and Rosewood,  acoustic/electric

Godin Multiac Steel acoustic/electric 6-string, hard shell and soft cases

Ovation Balladeer, Natural Spruce and Ovation composite, rosewood board, acoustic/electric 6-string

Brice 6-string fretless bass, Natural Maple/birdseye, rosewood board, Bartolini active pickups

Sho-Bud Professional II Dual 10 – pedal steel, dual 10-string necks, 8 pedals, 3 knee levers

Fouck Aluminum lap steel 6 string

Oahu Diana lap steel 6 string

National New Yorker lap steel 6 string

Rickenbacker B6 Bakelite lap steel 6 string