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Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

Tease RMC3FL Tuneable Wah

Ibanez "Screamin' Demon" wah

Fulltone FullDrive II  overdrive/distortion pedals

Fulltone DejaVibe full size treadle pedal vibrato/chorus

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

Fulltone Queen Bee fuzz

RAT "You Dirty Rat" two voice (recent)

AnalogMan CompRossOr Dual Compressor/Squeezer

AnalogMan Bi-Chorus

Earthquaker Devices Palisdades - infinite variety TubeScreamer emulation

Boss DD3 and RE20 digital delays

Boss RV-5 digital reverb

Boss CS-3 compressor/sustainer

TubeWorks Tube Driver pedal (vintage)

TubeWorks BlueTube pedal (vintage)

Digitech Dual Distortion pedal (vintage)

T-Rex Moller Overdrive pedal

Korg ToneWorks multi effects unit

ART SG2000 Express – multi-effects rackmount unit with dual treadle foot controller unit, in SKB rack case

Rocktron Surf Tremelo/Expander (vintage)

Voodoo Lab Tremelo Pedal

Peterson StroboTuner

Beano Booster

Tech21 Double Overdrive

JangleBox JB2 Dual Compressor

LovePedal Les Lius Vintage Valve Dual Overdrive pedal

Empress ParaEQ parametric EQ pedal