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Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah

Tease RMC3FL Tuneable Wah

Ibanez "Screamin' Demon" wah

Fulltone FullDrive II  overdrive/distortion pedal

Fulltone DejaVibe full size treadle pedal vibrato/chorus

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

Fulltone Queen Bee fuzz

RAT "You Dirty Rat" two voice (recent)

AnalogMan CompRossOr Dual Compressor/Squeezer

AnalogMan Bi-Chorus

Earthquaker Devices Palisdades - infinite variety TubeScreamer emulation

Boss DD3 and RE20 digital delays

Boss RV-5 digital reverb

Boss CS-3 compressor/sustainer

TubeWorks Tube Driver pedal (vintage)

Digitech Dual Distortion pedal (vintage)

T-Rex Moller Overdrive pedal

Korg ToneWorks multi effects unit

ART SG2000 Express – multi-effects rackmount unit with dual treadle foot controller unit, in SKB rack case

Rocktron Surf Tremelo/Expander (vintage)

Voodoo Lab Tremelo Pedal

Peterson StroboTuner

Beano Booster

Tech21 Double Overdrive

JangleBox JB2 Dual Compressor

JangleBox JB3 Dual Compressor

LovePedal Les Lius Vintage Valve Dual Overdrive pedal

Empress ParaEQ parametric EQ pedal